Friday, November 6, 2015

New Artworks for VFD games

Here's my first (and not the last) new artwork pack for MAME 0.167. The first new artwork i've done is the bezel for Coleco Pac-Man:

The second one is that i have change the color of the maze so it would look like more the arcade version (and if Coleco would have made it that way, it would have been much greater...well that's my opinion)

The third one is the only clone known of Coleco Pac-Man: the Gakken Super Puck Monster.

Still not enough of good old Paccy ? Then here's the bezel for Entex Pac-Man 2:

After the Entex version, i have done an artwork that was not critical but really helps when playing that game: Mattel Star Hawk (bezel with the crosshair)

and the final of the first pack (the cherry on the sunday for some of you), the bezel for Tomy Tron:

So that's it for the first new artwork pack. And here's a preview of one of the next artwork (not vectorized yet)

So try out those artworks! You can download the pack in the menu on your right (just under "downloads"). =)

--- Sly DC ---

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