Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mego Star Trek Phaser Battle (part 2)

I took more pictures as i want to make an electronic schematic of this game and while taking those pictures, i have found a signature on the base on the game:

Looks like P.R. ?  How is this mystery person ?

Maybe it's the signature of an inspector or line assembler ?! Anyway, maybe i'll get an answer one day. OK now for the other pictures:

Spinner disc (what makes the starfield effect)

 The motor (pretty noisy)

 Back of the Control Panel

(Upside down..oups! - the score display)

Outer & Inner shield buttons 

Speed switch and speaker (very loud!)

This is part of the contacts which determines if the
joystick is aligned with the enemy vessel.

 Another angle of the contacts.

And here the joystick contact.

And since the speaker is very loud and is very irritating for the ears, i have put a 10K potentiometer for a volume control and now..AAAHHHH...very less louder (but you can use a 5K pot also but i only had a 10K lying around), see how:

Cut the white wire and solder one end to one
of the two new (yellow) wires for the volume
and the other directly on the speaker
(where i cut the white wire).

 Pass the two (yellow) wires along the bundle of wires.

 And pass the two wires inside the battery compartment 
(won't use x6 "D" batteries anyway..).

And here's where i put the volume control
(didn't wanted to change the front look).

Oh and i re-glued three LED's that came out out their holes - the ones that shows "Condition Alert" and the two "Defense Monitor Portside Starboard" as they don't show working on both videos but they do work. Now the last detail is the seven LED's for the enemies are weak so i will need newer ones (as the originals are 40 years old) that can takes less voltage and brighter too. 

I'm even thinking to change some LED's with other colors like green for the "All Systems Operational", orange for both "Outer & Inner Shield Destroyed" and yellow for the Romulans. Keeping red for Klingons as they where the biggest threat for the Federation in Kirk's time.

If you have suggestions for new color LED's, please do! So until next post! =)

Monday, January 11, 2016

Mego Star Trek Phaser Battle

Hi folks!

Been quite a time that i didn't post anything but i'm starting 2016 with a BANG! as i'll post pictures and a video of the Mego Corp. Star Trek Phaser Battle that was sold in 1976 so this year it marks it's 40th anniversary! (damn i feel old now...) ;P

 Original power supply (was sold separately)

9.8Volts DC / 400 milliAmps (positive tip)

Interchangeable light bulb

And finally, i do have the original instruction manual sheet and i will post it as soon as i scanned it so people can print their own copy for FREE as some people are asking $20 for a photocopy....shame on them!! Oh almost forgot! Here's the video i uploaded on Youtube:

Sorry if i don't much chit-chat but been waiting some few years now to play this electronic game! =)