Monday, January 11, 2016

Mego Star Trek Phaser Battle

Hi folks!

Been quite a time that i didn't post anything but i'm starting 2016 with a BANG! as i'll post pictures and a video of the Mego Corp. Star Trek Phaser Battle that was sold in 1976 so this year it marks it's 40th anniversary! (damn i feel old now...) ;P

 Original power supply (was sold separately)

9.8Volts DC / 400 milliAmps (positive tip)

Interchangeable light bulb

And finally, i do have the original instruction manual sheet and i will post it as soon as i scanned it so people can print their own copy for FREE as some people are asking $20 for a photocopy....shame on them!! Oh almost forgot! Here's the video i uploaded on Youtube:

Sorry if i don't much chit-chat but been waiting some few years now to play this electronic game! =)


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  2. Yeah, I've had one of these that I got with the original adaptor back in like Oct. 2013. I bought it on sight in a retro game shop and took it home and played it! I had never seen one in the flesh before, so I had to have it. ( : I don't remember the warp wheel working on it then, it may have sound, though. Been thinking about checking or changing the motor and/or capacitor on it. It does light up, just don't remember seeing stars on it for sure like yours.I remember
    these from the Sears or Penny's Christmas catalog years ago, not sure about
    ever seeing a commercial for it. Thanks for the vid! Been thinking about pulling
    mine out here again. ( : ( :

    1. Wow, I had one of these things when I was a kid. I had forgotten how loud they were. Thanks for bringing back the memories!

      I wonder if Chris is related to me?