Sunday, February 7, 2016

Marx T.V. Tennis simulator

Let's go back to my very first simulator i coded for the LÖVE engine in November 2012: the Marx T.V. Tennis. Just to say that this version isn't perfect but it is playable. Since then, i gained more experience coding in LUA. I still have other sims that are playable like the Yonezawa Screen Tennis (with model variations), and many Waco electro-mechanical games like: Draw Poker, Black Jack, Slot Machine and Chuck-A-Luck (last one is very rare). 

So here's some screenshots of the Marx T.V. Tennis:

You can choose between 3 models: the green one which is the most commun, the red/brown one which is less commun and the unreleased black one but is shown on the box. Thought it would be fun to include this one also. 

The "read-me.txt" is included in the RAR file so read it to know which buttons does what. ;)

Like i wrote, this is not the final version and i will update it in the future. So have fun with this version until the next one! =)

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