Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mego Star Trek Phaser Battle (part 3)

Yikes! It's been two months (minus a day) the last time i posted something. Even if i don't post for a long period of time, i'm still alive and kicking. It's just that health and family are priorities if you're wondering why sometimes i don't post or answer for a long period of time.

OK, now on the subject: Mego Star Trek Phaser Battle (again!)

As i wrote in a previous post (actually, the first post about the Mego STPB) "i do have the original instruction manual sheet and i will post it as soon as i scanned it". Well now here's the scan of the manual as promised!

Sorry for the both middle parts but my scanner had a problem to scan the manual sheet as it was too long and that the flatbed is just 8" X 13" but at least now it is available for anyone who's missing the manual sheet....enjoy! =)

I can't rescan the manual as i sold the Mego STPB to my good friend Ianoid.

So what's next for the Mego STPB ? A "Simulator" of course!! The MESS/MAME team could emulate this game as it has a AMI C2567 4-bit microprocessor (28-pins) but would need to dump the content of the uP and scans, pics, etc. But i will try to make a simulator of this game in the future. =)

BTW, the Mego STPB was invented by Lawrence L. Reiner and Micheal Henning ? You can check out the US Patent "D250906" for the plastic cabinet of the Mego STPB and they also invented the Mego Grand Prix Road Race (see US Patent #4174833). Here's a picture of this game:

And this game is based on a well popular electro-mechanical arcade game called "Road Runner" by Midway in 1971, which the game was also released by Sega (Monte Carlo) and Taito (Speed Runner). In fact, many vintage electro-mechanical handheld games are based on old electro-mechanical arcades (just an example: Tomy Digital Derby) but that is another story to tell in a future post!

So Live Long and Prosper! :P

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