Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Reply to Chris Purviance

Chris Purviance wrote this on February 20, 2016 at 2:28 PM

Yeah, I've had one of these that I got with the original adaptor back in like Oct. 2013. I bought it on sight in a retro game shop and took it home and played it! I had never seen one in the flesh before, so I had to have it. ( : I don't remember the warp wheel working on it then, it may have sound, though. Been thinking about checking or changing the motor and/or capacitor on it. It does light up, just don't remember seeing stars on it for sure like yours.I remember
these from the Sears or Penny's Christmas catalog years ago, not sure about
ever seeing a commercial for it. Thanks for the vid! Been thinking about pulling
mine out here again. ( : ( :

To Chris:
 You id the right thing to buy it on the "spot" as these are getting rarer to find. Hope you will be able to fix your STPB (Star Trek Phaser Battle) and if you ever need tips or help to fix it, don't be shy to ask. 

As for my STPB, it now in the hands of a great fellow game collector which i know he will take good care of it (he was facinated on how huge is this thing...LOL!), so thanks for the post! =)

--- Sly DC ---

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