Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Download Electronic Games Stuffs!

Either i disappear for more than two months and the blog is getting dusty OR i'm on a rampage (lol!). I've uploaded on archive.org (you can click HERE or on the right side menu) some manual scans, overlays and control panel displays. I also uploaded two vintage books about electronic games.

Here's the list:

* Coleco Total Control 4 (all 4 overlays scans)
* EDI Le Game (all overlays, sheets and manuals)
* Ideal Toy Electron 12 (all 6 overlays and manual)
* Masudaya Toys Galaxy Game/Maxtron Space Arcade (Front Panel Display)
* Mego Star Trek Phaser Battle (complete manual sheet - in 6 parts)
* U.S. Games Super Sports 4 (all 4 overlays - newer edition)
* Vtech Game Machine 2 (manual scan by blue6demon)
* Waddingtons Game Machine (all display and control panel overlays)

and finally, two books:
* Microprocessor Controlled Toys Games - How They Work
* The Complete Guide to Electronic Games

Have fun downloading!

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