Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ideal Toy Electron12

So what's the heck is this electronic game ?

To a collector, that is pretty rare but for a gamer....totally sucks! This was released in 1981 as an electronic multi-games but even with 12 games, it still sucks. heck...i had more fun scanning the cardboard overlays and the manual then playing with this.

Check out the pictures:

And here's two pictures from the Ideal Toy Corporation 1981 catalog:

"Get ready for round-the-clock fun with Electron 12,..." Yeah...sure...a round-the-clock in 60 seconds max is more like it. So why the hell i'm trashing this game ? The fact that they sold a chaser game as an electronic game...that's why! Check out the guts of this wanna-be game:

That's it! That's the whole electronic circuit! 

And the final "nail in the coffin" is they say 12 games but in fact there is only 6 cardboard overlays:

And how can i end this post without a video:

But if you truly want to make your own Electron 12, just make a quick search on Google under "Led chaser circuit" and generally, you'll find either with a LM3914 or a CD4017 chaser circuit. Just use 5 LED's and you'll have your own Electron 12.

Oh and course, you will need the manual and scan of the overlays which will be upload on archive.org later today. Just check later in the right side of this blog under "Downloads - Electronic Games Stuffs" to download the overlays and the manual. I will also upload in the same "archive" scans and manuals of other electronic games like: Coleco Total Control 4, US Games Super Sports 4, etc.

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