Friday, August 12, 2016

Upcoming electronic games emulation

As i have some time in my hands (finally after one and a half month), i am doing a list of every electronic games emulated in MAME as of version 0.176. But some i won't list like the TI Speak & Spell series and some calculators. I will list all LED, Light, LCD, VFD and Board games (for now, there's no Color LCD games emulated) :(

This is what i found so far as upcoming emulated electronic games in future releases of MAME:

* Ludotronic(Hanzawa) Grand Prix Turbo (VFD)
* Actronics(Hanzawa) Pack'n Maze (VFD)
* Actronics(Hanzawa) Wanted G-Man (VFD)
* Actronics(Hanzawa) Twinvader (VFD)
* Bandai Block Out (VFD)
* Bandai Gundam vs Gelgoog Zaku (VFD)
* Bandai Flight Time (VFD)
* Coleco Head to Head Basketball (LED)
* Conic Basketball (LED)
* Entex Crazy Climber (VFD)
* Gakken Super Cobra (VFD)
* Gakken Galaxy Invader 1000 (VFD)
* Tomy Portable 6000 Bombman (VFD)
* Tiger Rocket Pinball (LED)
* (Unknown company) Defender Strikes (VFD)
* Tiger 7-in-1 Sports Stadium (LED)
* Tomy Space Attack (VFD)
* Entex Select-A-Game (VFD)
* Gakken Amidar (VFD)
* Radio Shack Pocket Repeat (60-2152 and 60-2482) (LED)
* Coleco Head-to-hHead Boxing (LED)
* Tandy Championship Football (60-2150) (LED)

There is some of these games i can't wait to try out like Pack'n Maze, Wanted G-Man and Bombman (never got the chance to get them). If you know some upcoming games that aren't listed here, please let me know and i will add them.

Live long and prosper MAME/MESS team! =)

Reply to revertebrae

revertebrae has commented this on August 02, 2016:

"Is your Wildfire really a TMS1400? The one in MAME is on a different MCU."
Hi revertebrae,
Yes, my Parker Brothers Wildfire  has a TMS1400 CPU. The one emulated in MAME (since 0.159) is actually the US Patent  #4,341,385 version as this one uses an AMI S2152 as the main CPU. If you check the source codes, this one has it's very own "CPP" file compared to all other electronic games emulated.

When a real Wildfire game will be dumped, it will be in the "hh_tms1k.cpp" file. Thanks! =)