Friday, August 12, 2016

Upcoming electronic games emulation

As i have some time in my hands (finally after one and a half month), i am doing a list of every electronic games emulated in MAME as of version 0.176. But some i won't list like the TI Speak & Spell series and some calculators. I will list all LED, Light, LCD, VFD and Board games (for now, there's no Color LCD games emulated) :(

This is what i found so far as upcoming emulated electronic games in future releases of MAME:

* Ludotronic(Hanzawa) Grand Prix Turbo (VFD)
* Actronics(Hanzawa) Pack'n Maze (VFD)
* Actronics(Hanzawa) Wanted G-Man (VFD)
* Actronics(Hanzawa) Twinvader (VFD)
* Bandai Block Out (VFD)
* Bandai Gundam vs Gelgoog Zaku (VFD)
* Bandai Flight Time (VFD)
* Coleco Head to Head Basketball (LED)
* Conic Basketball (LED)
* Entex Crazy Climber (VFD)
* Gakken Super Cobra (VFD)
* Gakken Galaxy Invader 1000 (VFD)
* Tomy Portable 6000 Bombman (VFD)
* Tiger Rocket Pinball (LED)
* (Unknown company) Defender Strikes (VFD)
* Tiger 7-in-1 Sports Stadium (LED)
* Tomy Space Attack (VFD)
* Entex Select-A-Game (VFD)
* Gakken Amidar (VFD)
* Radio Shack Pocket Repeat (60-2152 and 60-2482) (LED)
* Coleco Head-to-hHead Boxing (LED)
* Tandy Championship Football (60-2150) (LED)

There is some of these games i can't wait to try out like Pack'n Maze, Wanted G-Man and Bombman (never got the chance to get them). If you know some upcoming games that aren't listed here, please let me know and i will add them.

Live long and prosper MAME/MESS team! =)

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