Saturday, September 3, 2016

A few Coleco Tabletops...

As i am doing an inventory of my collection (video game consoles/systems and electronic games), i think i have have a few too many Coleco Tabletops:

If you want to count, no need as there is x33 tabletops, which are:

* x1 Zaxxon
* x3 Frogger
* x5 Galaxian
* x7 Donkey Kong
* x17 Pac-Man

And no Ms.Pac-Man in this lot but i have one Ms.Pac-Man in the spare box parts as this tabletop is the rarest of the series and Zaxxon following one step behind in rarety.

And these are only extras (no %?&%? joke!) as i have brought these in the last 2-3 years. So some of you are maybe asking "what the $%$?%$ he's going to do with all those tabletops" ? Well these were for some special projects and some Raspberry Pi/M.A..M.E. into a tabletop kind-of project.

These is two projects i would like to do and those are the Coleco tabletop Donkey Kong Junior (the unreleased VFD version) and the Coleco tabletop Berzerk (another unreleased). There is also the Coleco tabletop Omega Race but i don't like this game and i have others i would like to do but that's a secret for now (shh!). ;)

But even if i have some projects for these tabletops, i think that i have brought a few too many. So after i have finished my inventory and what projects i wanna make (in the future of course), i will surely sell a few that are extras but in the meantime, please don't send a message or comment to ask which/when/how much because i'm still not decided.

But i do have a question and i would be delighted to know your answers: Which arcade between 1978 and 1984 would you have love to see released by Coleco back then (not listing those that were released and unreleased of course) ?

As for me, i would have love to see my all-time favorite arcade game converted into a Coleco tabletop which is: Vanguard by SNK (Century in North America).

OK now i'm going back to unpack a &?&-load of boxes and making a new inventory....


  1. I would like to buy some when you figure out what you don't want. 33? Jeez, dude!

  2. I think Burger Time could have done well in this series. Pretty sure I recall a credit card sized LCD herein from Mattel.

  3. I would like to see Popeye or crystal castle table top