Thursday, September 21, 2017

Death in the family...

Last Sunday (September 17, 2017) my father passed away at the age of 75 of leukemia. He was
diagnosed with this cancer only in April and after 5 months, he his now in a better world.
As i would say, it's not a farewell but only a "next time" as we all must go one day.

So to my father, see you next time and until then, i'll miss you so much! :(

--- Sly "in mourning" DC ---

Thursday, January 26, 2017

M.A.M.E. 0.182 is out

The latest version of  M.A.M.E. (version 0.182) came out yesturday and have these following electronic handhelds simulted in this version:

New games:
* Conic Electronic Basketball/Cardinal Basketball (LED)
* Conic Multisport/Tandy Sports Arena (LED)
* Gakken Galaxy Invader 1000/Tandy Cosmic 1000 Fire Away (VFD)
* Mattel Dalla$ (J.R. handheld)  (Board Game)
* Mattel Horse Race Analyzer (LCD)
* Tiger 7 in 1 Sports Stadium/Sears 7-in-1 Sports (LED)

Other improvements:
* Entex Space Invader: proper internal artwork (LED)
* Milton Bradley Comp IV: important bugfixes (LED)
* (Board Games) Electronic Detective & Codename Sector: The latter 2 were never playable at all,
  now there are.

Have fun! =)