Thursday, January 26, 2017

M.A.M.E. 0.182 is out

The latest version of  M.A.M.E. (version 0.182) came out yesturday and have these following electronic handhelds simulted in this version:

New games:
* Conic Electronic Basketball/Cardinal Basketball (LED)
* Conic Multisport/Tandy Sports Arena (LED)
* Gakken Galaxy Invader 1000/Tandy Cosmic 1000 Fire Away (VFD)
* Mattel Dalla$ (J.R. handheld)  (Board Game)
* Mattel Horse Race Analyzer (LCD)
* Tiger 7 in 1 Sports Stadium/Sears 7-in-1 Sports (LED)

Other improvements:
* Entex Space Invader: proper internal artwork (LED)
* Milton Bradley Comp IV: important bugfixes (LED)
* (Board Games) Electronic Detective & Codename Sector: The latter 2 were never playable at all,
  now there are.

Have fun! =)

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